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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gabbar Buying? - +

Gabbar Buying is India's best buying membership based website by which a members/shopkeepers can buy even a single product at wholesale rate and bulk buying price.

What is Gabbar Buying concept? - +

By monthly buying method, members/shopkeepers living in different places, cities and areas places their order or request of a product to gabbar buying which automatically convert into bulk order or request thereby member's single order gets status of "Bulk or wholesale order" and accordingly gabbar buying crack the best deals directly as intermediate from manufacture, company, super distributer for members of gabbar buying. Thus a single product can be purchased by a members/shopkeepers at the purchase cost of one thousand pieces negotiated directly from companies. This is called gabbar buying concept in short.

Whether members buying is safe or not? - +

Members/shopkeepers who buy a product is safe as product is "cash on delivery" with return and refund policy of company, manufacturer and vendor who deliver product to a members/shopkeepers of gabbar buying.