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"Jai Shri Ram"
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The individual or a family or a joint family or association of person normally does not prefer & go to the “Wholesale Market”, manufacturer big companies, super distributors etc. for purchasing the small quantity of vegetables, grocery, products, items and other things to the tune  of 01 Kg, 02 Kg or for 01 or 02 pieces because of the reasons that it is normally unapproachable, very expensive or costly and because of the distance, expenses of petrol & diesel, expenses of valuable time, money and other reasons like non availability of companies & its facilities, non availability of manufacturers or super distributors in your city or place and for other reasons also, therefore the  consumers, users or purchasers of the products and items of various category go and prefer to purchase and buying these products, items and goods from their local sellers, local dealers, retailers, nearest shop keepers, hawkers, feriwala’s & thelawala’s “at or in higher prices and in very expensive rates”. Naturally when local shop keepers, dealers, sellers, hawkers gives and sale the products, goods and items to you then they will add their margins, profits, expenses “Product wise & goods wise or per goods or per items” as it is their business for profits and earnings. To remove and reduce these difficulties, losses, profits & expenses above burdened upon customers, on you or upon to the consumers or the purchasers & to finish, curtail, reduce the above said profits, margins, earnings of dealers, sellers, hawkers, thelawala’s etc., the Gabbar Buying by its website www. gabbarbuying.com is introducing “Bulk buying concept to buy even small or single quantity of products & items at wholesale rates or prices” or unique concept i.e. “To finish the chain of profits & Margins to save the money of consumers or users” by together or joint buying in bulk or wholesale rates for you. Gabbar Buying or www.gabbarbuying.com is giving above said opportunities and platform or portal to all of you who are major & legally entitled person, firm, company etc. in accordance with law applicable in India] accordingly for your buying, selling, earning, saving and profit. The Gabbar Buying is a platform & an intermediate online portal or website called as www.gabbarbuying.com by which you or consumers or users shall have plenty of opportunities to buy and purchase “even small or single quantity of products & items in wholesale rates or prices” by “Cash on Delivery” by following, admitting, its unique concept above said which may save lot of money of members or consumers or you as Gabbar Buying and its expert team, employers, vendors, suppliers will negotiate to buy and purchase the products and items “at wholesale rates and by bulk buying” directly from manufacturer, super distributors, distributors, stockiest, agriculturist for and on behalf of its members joined, admitted and placed numbers of common orders of various items and products subject to terms, conditions, discretion, comfort, rules, policy of Gabbar Buying or www.gabbarbuying.com.


To understand more elaborately, the above said Gabbar Buying concept i.e. “Bulk buying concept to buy even small or single quantity of products & items at wholesale rates” or “unique concept “To finish the chain of profits & Margins to save the money of consumers or users”, (called as “our business concept” or the “Gabbar Buying business concept”), the following examples, facts, things, you must read and consider:-


If you purchase 1 kilogram potato or onion from local market or shop or hawker nearest to your residence, the same may costs   @ Rs 25/- (potato) and 20/-(Onion) and if the same things are purchased from wholesale market it will costs you lesser than Rs 25/- or 20/- always as it is aware to everybody.  The rate of potato and onion in the wholesale market may be or will be Rs 20/- and 15/- per kilogram by which the purchaser can take benefit of Rs 5/- each in both products i.e. potato and onion accordingly. As on date the intelligent consumer or person will not go to the long distance whole sale market to buy one kg potato & onion by making expenses of time, petrol and diesel which may be more than Rs 50/- and buy these products accordingly.   He will not vest his valuable time also for these small purchasing naturally as there is no platform available for him locally to buy these products in above said small quantity in or at whole sale rates from local or nearest market or shops. We gabbarbuying.com. gives him a platform and intermediate portal by which he can convert his individual or independent buying of 1 kg or 2 kg into bulk buying or whole sale buying automatically as  we will be purchasing in wholesale or bulk buying due to common various orders by members by acting as intermediate portal and we will negotiate or do bulk buying or whole sale purchasing for and on behalf of various members category wise from whole sale market or from manufacturers, super distributors directly to give individual  benefits, savings to our members accordingly and as per terms, conditions and policy of Gabbar Buying stated and designed in its website www.gabbarbuying.com. Thus Every person, firm, company, individual, businessman etc. whosoever, having legally entitled and residing in India can register, login or use website www.gabbarbuying.com as intermediate portal for his/its/their bulk buying or wholesale buying or together buying or purchasing of the products at the discretion of gabber buying as per terms, conditions and policy of the Gabbar Buying as stated in the website www.gabbarbuying.com.



As on date if you want to open a new business in any area or product, you are required a place or premises or shop where you can start your business by sitting there from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. minimum daily. In such a shop you will be required to make huge expenses or purchase price in lakhs, maintain the stock, employees the staff, furnish the shop with good interior costing in lakhs then only you can start your business properly. Gabbar Buying has introduced the concept of online e-Shop or Webstore for together buying and together business in respect of the Products of Gabbar Buying category by which you can open your online e-Shop or webstore for doing your business. Gabbar Buying will act as intermediate portal only. On opening of minimum 1000 e-Shop/Webstore in Gabbar Buying, Gabbar Buying will negotiate and crack the best deal directly from company, manufacturuer, super distributors or super stockest or distributors for and on behalf of 1000 Shopkeeper for 1000 pieces/items of a products under Gabbar Buying Categories by folllowing the above said concept "“Bulk buying concept to buy even small or single quantity of products & items at wholesale rates or prices” or unique concept i.e. “To finish the chain of profits & Margins to save the money of consumers or users" . By this method of buying for an behalf of Gabbar Buying Shopkeepers or Holders, a single shopkeeper may get a single product at the cost of 100 product or Bulk Buying which may be done directly from company, manufacturer, wholesaler, super-distributor, distributor etc. The Shopkeeper of Gabbar Buying  may display his buying/product into his e-Shop/Webstore opened by him and may earn profits even in a single product by following above said concept of Buy together and business together. Thus there is no requirement to make huge expenses or cost for opening a shop physically in a market and to sit from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily to earn profits and to do business. thus Gabbar Buying has introduce the above said concept of together buying, together business, together earning and profits by taking or opening a e-Shop or webstore in Gabbar Buying  by www.gabbarbuying.com subject to its terms and conditions and payment as stated Shop number-wise in the home of Gabbar Buying or www.gabbarbuying.com.